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October 22, 2014

"Lower Bottoms" - Matt Nelson

Released yesterday, Matt Nelson's first solo album delivers a far out investigation in sound and technique.  Nelson's curiosity and experimentation, coupled with a tremendous use of guitar effect pedals, treats our minds to a feast of noise, sound, and concepts

With electronic manipulation and a healthy dose of feedback the saxophone is delivered fresher than ever before.  Nelson showcases smooth, hypnotic moments intertwined with disjointed assaults.  Allowing us to peek into Nelson's expanding approach to his instrument.

Nelson's tonal range is on full display thanks to the production efforts of engineer Eli Crews.  With a nice system dynamic highs, warm mids, and boomy lows are all brought to light.  I'm not much of a low-end guy, but the moments that sound like my speakers are beneath the floorboards are some of my favorite parts.

... I can guarantee that no other 2014 release comes even close to Lower Bottoms.

Matt Nelson will be performing in Portland next Monday, 10/27, at the Habesha Lounge.  You can also catch him play in Battle Trance, an all saxophone quartet, on 11/02/14 at the Habesha Lounge.

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