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July 29, 2014

New July Releases From OutNow Recordings

Gordon Beeferman Trio, 
Out In Here

This collection of improvised music places us into Beeferman's new piano trio outing. At times Out In Here possesses a physical dominance that's pulled from Cecil Taylor's early 60s work, and at other moments evolves into textural and fluid bits much like a Paul Bley piece. These strong structural landscapes are carried through the entire recording. Production-wise this CD is a dream. With bright stereo staging Out In Here appears crisp, clear, and tight. 
  • Gordon Beeferman - Piano
  • James Ilgenfritz - Double Bass
  • Michael Evans - Drums

Yoni Kretzmer / Pascal Niggenkemper / Weasel Walter, ProtestMusic

Right out of the gate, from the album title to the very first note, ProtestMusic elicits emotional, reactionary movements. If these two CDs were Abstract Expressionists, ProtestMusic would be Jackson Pollock while Out In Here would be Barnett Newman. 

ProtestMusic is raw and organic. Pulling from the stylings of Frank Lowe, Charles Gayle, and Pharaoh Sanders, Yoni Kretzmer's dense tenor playing appears front and center in this piano-less trio. With Kretzmer as the nervous system, Pascal Niggenkemper and Weasel Walter form a strong (and deformed) skeleton to complete this disjointed body.  
  • Yoni Kretzmer - Tenor Saxophone
  • Pascal Niggenkemper - Double Bass
  • Weasel Walter - Drums

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