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December 20, 2012

Tri-Centric Foundation comes through for a last minute gift idea.

The last two years I created a couple of gift guides for Jazz Geeks like myself (and here).  In anticipation of all the 2012 top of, worst of, best of lists we'll be seeing I decided not to bother.  However, an email in my inbox from Tuesday prompted me to spread the news.

The Tri-Centric Foundation is pivotal in the archiving and releasing of Anthony Braxton material.  For a limited time, members can download a rare solo bootleg entitled, "Solo (Carnegie Hall)1972,"  for free, and non-members can purchase it for a mere $6.99 for a limited time.  It would make an ideal last minute gift for that Avant-Garde fan in your life. So jump on it. 
An example of the recording equipment used.  Photo by Kyoko Kitamura
From Tri-Centric Foundation:
Recorded when Anthony was 27 years old, this bootleg which was discovered earlier this year is the only available audio of the event that we know of...

...We can only offer this recording to you because of your generous support. As manyof you know, TCF was revived in 2009 by a dedicated group of volunteers. We are proud to have accomplished much in three short years but we need your help to keep going. Here is an appeal from the Tri-Centric Foundation president Taylor Ho Bynum. 
I am writing to you in the hope that you share my conviction that the music of Anthony Braxton can have a transformative effect on artists and audiences alike. Personally, Braxton’s artistic innovations have not just changed the way I listen to and make music, but have taught me profound lessons about community, creativity and idealism. If Braxton’s work has been similarly important to you in your life, I ask you to consider donating to the Tri-Centric Foundation.
Best regards, 
TCF Team