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April 25, 2013

PDX Jazz brings The Bad Plus to Portland this Sunday

The Bad Plus.  I started listening to The Bad Plus when I was 19.  Mainly because at the time I was into a lot of noise and math rock and these guys brought a new style of music to the table.  They have a rocky, angular vibe and I love their time signature changes and rhythms.  And their Rock covers?  Yes please.

Jazz has always been a about progression.  It's a syle that has developed a vast array of sub genres since the early 20th Century.  And The Bad Plus sheds new light on what Jazz is, how it can evolve, and how it can glance towards the future.  Much like the Pixies, when Ethan Iverson, Reid Anderson, and Dave King play in this formation, they create unique music that cannot be replicated elsewhere.  With both technique and composition, each of them bring an individuality to the table that amalgamates Jazz, Rock, Classical, and the Avant-Garde.

On the heels of their newest album, Made Possible, PDX Jazz is bringing The Bad Plus to the Mission Theater this Sunday with a 3pm set and a 7pm set.   If memory serves right, I believe the last time TBP came to Portland was 2009.  Making Sunday all the more special for fans.

April 17, 2013

More exciting Jazz performances for JazzApril!

Burton Greene Ensemble: From "Out of Bartok" by Various on Grooveshark
Since it's #JazzApril I'm not sure this is intentional, or some sort of chaotic order is happening, but it's shaping up to be a stellar month for live Jazz in Portland, Ore.  I have already posted about these shows, but there's more...

Avant-Garde icon Burton Greene is playing two shows in Portland this week.  His US appearances are rare enough so it's an honor that he will be playing in town twice.  First show is tonight at the Camellia Lounge at 7pm, $7 to get in. He will also be at the Piano Fort in Sellwood this Friday at 8pm, $15.  The Piano Fort show is co-sponsored by PDX Jazz and The Creative Music Guild and is coupled with a film screening of Moldavian Blues: A film of Burton Greene.   Greene will be accompanied by one of Portland's leading jazz bassists, Andrew St. James, along with virtuosic drummer Tim DuRoche, and Seattle's Marc Smason on trombone.  Get to one these shows!

Speaking of Tim DuRoche, The Kin Trio (featuring Sunjae Lee and Andre St. James) will be having a CD release party this Saturday at Ford Food and Drink from 7-9pm.  This show is free, but you can give off good vibes by purchasing a CD to support the cause.  This release is part of an exciting series of Jazz albums by local players as part of the Portland Jazz Composers' Ensemble new record label.

April 8, 2013

"Omens & Talismans" - Farthest South

Farthest South is an electric/electronic group from Israel that focuses on individual and group improvisation.  "Omens & Talismans" brings jazz improviser Albert Beger into the recording studio as they bring us new, uncharted territory to conquer.
I can't help but think I am listening to a David Lynch soundtrack here.  In the opening cut, A Lesson Learned - Part I - Creating Transformation, a contrast of pulsating and ambient tones along with thrashing guitar licks and flowing cries of a tenor sax offer an intense listen.  A Lesson Learned - Part II - Lecture instantly grabs your attention with a hard hitting electric beat that still gives evidence to a non-existent narrative that I want to insert into this music.  

The second half of the record brings Concrete - Part I - Godshall and Concrete - Part II - Mantram.  Part I - Godshall is the most ambient and atmospheric song in this album.  An exploration that certainly highlights Beger's saxophone over dissonant and jagged electronics.  And even though there is a strong Eastern sensibility in this whole record, Part II - Mantram emphasizes this even more creating a reasonable exit to the suite.

You can listen to "Omens & Talismans" on their Bandcamp page, where it is also available for digital download.
2013 - Fairsouth West Records.
Yair Etziony - electronics, bass; Barry Berko - guitar; Yair Yona - bass guitar, effects; Alber beger - saxophone. 

April 3, 2013

PDX Jazz delivers with Spring Programming

On the heels of the 2013 Portland Jazz Festival, PDX Jazz has been putting together an eclectic schedule of concerts for this spring.  Here are a few dates to note:
The Instant Composers Pool Orchestra presented by The Creative Music Guild.
April 5, 8pm at Redeemer Lutheran Church. 
The Bad Plus 
April 28, two shows at 3pm and 7pm at The Mission Theater. 
Classic Coltrane: 1964-65. The Azar Lawrence Quintet featuring Devin Phillips with George Colligan, Alan Jones and Eric Gruber
May 30 and May 31 at Jimmy Maks.
Three great shows.  Unfortunately I can't make it The Instant Composers Pool Orchestra, but I would imagine it will be a memorable night of avant-garde music.  The Bad Plus continues to astound me with some of the most innovative music in modern days.  Their live shows are among the best one can see.  And I am fan of local icon Devin Phillips, and he has the chops to play Coltrane's music.  The Azar Lawrence Quintet will be a promising night of intimate Jazz.

More on The Bad Plus as we get closer to that show...