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July 2, 2012

"Evidence" - Steve Lacy

I can't think of a more modern sound on the soprano sax than Steve Lacy's.  Well maybe Coltrane's, but it's like apples and oranges.  This 1961 album from Mr. Lacy contains two thirds of Ornette Coleman's back up group and is a collection of two Duke Ellington tunes along with four of Thelonious Monk's.

Yet another exploration into Monk's music, Steve Lacy can really bring his own, unique style to a Monk composition.  He knows his way around a Monk tune, and even though this quartet isn't far out in Avant-Garde territory, Lacy's phrasing, licks, and arrangements are quite forward thinking.

Don Cherry is also very notable in this session. Bringing to the table a straight ahead approach to his trumpet.

This LP makes for great winding down music; whether it'd be after work, before bed, or reading a book. I often find myself throwing it on once I need a mental break from a project.
1961 - New Jazz
Steve Lacy - soprano saxophone; Don Cherry - trumpet; Carl Brown - bass; Billy Higgins - drums.

Evidence by Steve Lacy on Grooveshark
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