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July 17, 2011

"XYX" - The Spanish Donkey

The good folks over at Northern Spy have been putting an impressive catalog out. They're doing it right by featuring a diverse selection of artists, good stories behind the music, and unique packaging to deliver it all to adventurous listeners (CDs, digi downloads, and cassette tapes).

I was eager to set my eardrums on the new release by
The Spanish Donkey, XYX. A trio featuring today's free form guitar hero (video game pun not intended) Joe Morris, dynamic keyboardist Jamie Saft, and the responsive percussionist Mike Pride.

Timeless, yet of it's time.
XYX is reminiscent of some of the electrifying, innovative loft era jazz while meshing metal, punk, and noise rock. I easily think of the mathematically timings of Lightning Bolt and Hella, while also glimpsing into the electrical tendencies of George Lewis and imaginative stylings of some of the European Free Improv players.

This was all improvised right in the studio. The liner notes hint at categorizing the album as "avant metal." Yet without a doubt it still swings at times thanks to the help of Mike Pride's cymbal work. If your ears are in a dire need for something new then go get XYX RIGHT NOW! The album definitely sends you on a powerful trip. It feels like I'm in the head of that character from Gaspar Noé's Enter the Void.

2011 - Northern Spy
Joe Morris - guitar; Jamie Saft - MiniMoog, Roland Jupiter 6, Roland SH-01, Korg Lambda, Korg CX3, Yamaha CS-01, bass guitar; Mike Pride - drums, percussion & nose whistle.

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