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February 21, 2010

Recap: Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey Live

On Friday, Portland was treated with a great performance by JFJO. I was busy, out an about all day and arrived unprepared. No notebook, no camera. The group sounded great. They played two sets (I was only able to stay for the first), which consisted of three songs from "One Day In Brooklyn," a few brand new songs for upcoming releases, and a couple of tunes from prior releases.

They sounded even better in person then on record. Fierce improvised solos, amazing technicality -- while still not seeming like a robot, and a wonderful tightness with timing and flow of compositions. Overall, lots of energy and just fantastic musicianship. I'll look forward to future shows, hopefully they'll pop through Portland again during the summer after their June release. And I'll try to be more prepared to document it. They also mentioned a new 7" coming out in April for National Record Store day. Look for that as well.

If anyone who happens to pass by this post, and knows of/has any photo documentation of the show on 2/19 /10 at Mississippi Studios, I'd love to see if willing to share.

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