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August 2, 2012

"Weight" - Yoni Kretzmer 2Bass Quartet

This is another ambitious record from the Brooklyn based label, OutNow Recordings; which is their second that features Yoni Kretzmer as a leader.  In OutNows' eighth release, Weight provides a solid example of how the Avant-Garde remains fresh in today's music scene.
Weight contains a double bass quartet.  OutNow states that "this quartet's sound is obvious yet unfamiliar simultaneously."  I couldn't agree more with that testament.  While Kretzmer is drawing on the similar platform to his standard trio, these eight cuts were composed with the double bass quartet specifically in mind.  With extended amounts of double bass (quadruple bass? jk) we're left with warm, low tones that interact well with one another.  Sort of like a mega bass player in the personnel, everything is anchored but there is still a significant unbalance that lends to a unique listening experience.

The jagged percussion by Mike Pride, and the accompaniment of bassists Sean Conly and Reuben Redding provide the perfect atmosphere for Kretzmer to display his craft.  In my humble opinion, Kretzmer is one of the finest contemporary saxophonists of the genre.  He knows how to create wonderful melodies and licks that are surrounded by, what seems to be, a controlled chaos.  Which allows breathing room for each player to have their moment under the sun.  
2012 - OutNow Recordings
Yoni Kretzmer - tenor saxophone; Sean Conly - bass; Reuben Redding - bass; Mike Pride - drums.  

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