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March 4, 2010

Celebrate Ornette Coleman's 80th Birthday With All Day Programming On WKCR

Oh boy, just one day off from sharing a birthday with my favorite jazz icon. Mine will be this Monday the eighth, while Mr. Coleman's will be Tuesday the ninth. Now turning 80 and just as prolific as he ever was. I have both the 8th and 9th off from work, and you bet I will be spending the 9th tuning into all day programming of Ornette Coleman on New York's WKCR 89.9 FM.

According to Howard Mandel, WKCR will most likely be playing recordings in chronological order. What a great way to hear the shape of Ornette's music evolve as he always continued to push boundaries and expressions of melody, improvisation, and "harmolodics."

Join as we celebrate innovation, relentless individualism, and commitment to artistic freedom.

Amen to that!

*I haven't done an album write up in awhile, so plan on a post soon. A real classic this time around.

Image Credit: Original painting by Martel Chapman.

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