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December 17, 2009

AACM on Do the Math

Ethan Iverson of The Bad Plus recently posted on specific AACM recordings on his Do The Math blog. In 11 Canonical AACM Performances he mentions a handful of recordings I'm familiar with which was great to read his expert opinion/description of them. I still need to seek out some of the recordings he did mention, as well as a couple of Artists I'm not familiar with yet.

I particularly admire Iverson's down to earth approach by allowing his topics to be a forum in sense where he encourages readers to post and discuss further about the AACM. It's a great read (as are most of his posts), if you are not familiar with his blog, do yourself a favor and subscribe to its a feed.

When's The Bad Plus returning to Portland?
[UPDATE] Due to a slew of negative comments, the post was revised, and commenting was closed. Most comments were deleted with a handful remaining. The article is still worth checking out as well as the blog.

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