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November 1, 2008

"Town Hall, 1962" - Ornette Coleman

This record marks a hand full of milestones for the alto saxophonist. It's his first and only release from the ESP-Disk label; his first recording with his new trio featuring Izenzon and Moffett; his last release before a two year hiatus from recording and live performances; and it's an early example of Coleman's theory of harmolidics featuring a string ensemble.

The release contains the partial concert in which Coleman recording himself one Christmas night. From my understanding the tapes sat for sometime before given to ESP-Disk for mastering. No matter how tight his Atlantic quartet was, this trio is definitely equal. David Izenzon plays uniquely compared to Charlie Haden, while creating tremendous layers and the ability to play independently from Coleman.
  Charles Moffett is an outstanding drummer and performs solidly on all their sessions together, constantly creating the perfect tone and mood behind Coleman's blues and melodies.  Myself, being a drummer, I am strongly influenced by Moffett's style and especially his strong use of the kick drum.  Where we saw Higgins constantly swinging on the ride cymbal, and Blackwell relying heavily on his heads, Moffett presents the best of both worlds with consistent bass drum polyrhythms behind his cymbal.
1962 - Esp Disk.
Ornette Coleman - alto saxophone; David Izenzon - bass; Charles Moffett - drums; Selwart Clark, Nathan Goldstein - violin; Julian Barber - viola; Kermit Moore - cello.

Other albums featuring harmolodics and symphonies:
Chappaqua Suite Soundtrack (1965), The Music of Ornette Coleman - Forms & Sounds (1967), Skies of America (1972), Naked Lunch Soundtrack (1991).

Other albums featuring Izenzon and Moffett:
Chappaqua Suite Soundtrack (1965), Who's Crazy Soundtrack Volumes 1 and 2 (1965), At the Golden Circle Volumes 1 and 2 (1965).

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