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January 14, 2008

"Coltrane Time" - John Coltrane/"Hard Driving Jazz" - Cecil Taylor

There's a lot of diverse opinions about this recording session, and whether we hate or love it or don't get it, I think all fans of Coltrane and Taylor wonder, how would these two amazing individuals sounded together in 1965 or 1966?  This
 was originally recorded with Cecil Taylor as the leader.  It was
 produced by Tom Wilson, and being under pressure to appease the label heads, he pulled this line up together.  Five years after it was recored, it was issued with the title "Coltrane Time."  We have to remember that Taylor has already recorded "Jazz Advance" on Blue Note two years earlier where we could hear him already
 experimenting with the physicality of his music and the sporadic dissonance in his chords. But in this date 
he is put with more of a front line, and even though Coltrane was
 beginning to broaden his playing, he appears a little premature to be playing with Taylor, and ex-messenger Kenny Dorham seems way out of place.  

To sum it up, I think you get mainly two opinions about this record.  One is from new
 fans of Coltrane who are just diving in and lose grasp of Taylors concepts.  The other is fans of both Coltrane and Taylor and the "new sound" but understand that these artist just weren't
 meant to be.  I for one, am just gald that this recording was made possible and is available.  It's certainly worth the listen.
1958, United Artists/Blue Note-EMI.
J.Coltrane - TS, K.Dorham - Tr, C.Taylor - P, C.Israels - B, L.Hayes - Dr

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